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Why Isn't Comic Con Being Televised Anymore

Why Isn’t Comic Con Being Televised Anymore

Why isn’t Comic Con Being Televised Anymore? This is a question I’ve been asking since 2013… It was 2009 when I first experienced the San Diego Comic-Con on television, and it was G4 TV that televised the whole thing beginning with Game of Thrones, which begs the question, Why isn’t Comic-Con Being Televised Anymore? I’ve scoured the Internet, asked the questions, and chased the leads all the way to their respective dead ends. Why isn’t Comic-Con being televised anymore?

G4 Era

Let’s face facts… If only 140,000 get to enter, what happens to the rest of us? This is not to say that I don’t appreciate IGN, Nerd Machine, Marvel, or the now defunct MTV Geek, but they don’t and didn’t do Comic-Con like G4. I’m a BIG fan of Zachary Levi, and I appreciate what he does, not just for us geeks and nerds, but for those beautiful children, but rather than having a private panel of journalists and writers interviewing artists, actors, directors, and other writers off site, G4 did it all from what looked like a second floor or loft above the San Diego Comic-Con floor where we would see the fans walking about. G4 would also have the likes of Alison Haislip, Jessica Chobot, and Sarah Underwood walking the floor taping all the incredible cos-players while Kevin Pereira & Morgan Webb interviewed the notables live from above. This what watching Comic-Con is all about… It’s about watching the fans, the lucky 140,000 that got in who are enjoying the heck out of themselves. it’s about having the eyes where the action is, where we can see the booths, and the die hard cos-players owning the floor taking pictures.

I used to love the way they’d start their shows like with the “On the Road to Comic Con” short (see below).

In fact, John barrowman (Arrow) hosted the 2012 Comic-Con in 2012 with G4’s Candace Bailey & actor Kuail Nanjiani, who were amazing!
Why Isn't Comic-Con Being Televised Anymore

The image reflected above shows Barrowman & Bailey interviewing Nathan Fillion. Ironically, it was the same year ARROW introduced it’s first trailer and when Barrowman interviewed ARROW Co-Star Stephen Amell who stars as the show’s lead.

Network + Comic Book & Gaming Conventions = More Viewership

Needless to say, and I believe I speak for all my fellow geeks, we miss you G4 and wish you were back now interviewing from atop the Con floor, that was awesome. But still I ask, Why isn’t Comic-Con being televised? G4 did it, why can’t Spike TV do it? Why can’t Entertainment Weekly do it? We’re thinking that the cost of admission to the main event may be too much; explains why G4 (owned jointly by NBC Univeral & Dish Network) was the only one with audio/video capabilities.

I feel the two best networks to produce the event are: CW and Spike TV. All we ask is that you look at all the positives this would do for your network, and it doesn’t have to end with Comic-Con… You can take your place at maybe 1, possibly 2 of three other Conventions, and those are:

In addition to televising Comic Con, G4 also televised E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which was very helpful especially when the hosts brought that geekiness factor to it. It’s not to say that E3 wasn’t already geeky, it’s that you felt at home with G4. They would show you around and get you acclimated to the entire venue.

Let’s Bring Awareness

I for one would love to know WHY ISN’T COMIC-CON BEING TELEVISED ANYMORE? In fact, we here at Geek Swaggah would like to bring awareness to this very important fact that Comic Con isn’t being televised in the manner in which G4 Television did it. Why hasn’t there been a network covering The Con since G4? Was this a decision made by The Con itself? Is it too expensive to be on the main floor? We would just like to know why and if there is something we can do to bring it back to television properly.


The whole reason for being online bringing like minded fans of comic books and games is to not only provide them with what’s new, but to also provide access… Now, we’re not (for even a second) going to pretend to be a “Nerd Machine” type deal interviewing the caliber of talent we’re used to seeing them take selfies with, but we’re also not going to pretend or act like it might not happen either. Zach is awesome, but we also bring something to the table and it’s what I like to call “Straight Up ADD”, which is not only a condition I have, but something I stopped calling a condition and began embracing long ago. Here at GEEK SWAGGAH!, we bring excitement, pandemonium, and lots of passion. We will more than likely jump from one thing to another and yell out SQUIRREL!


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