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Want to know what's on the Geek Mind

Want to know what’s on the Geek Mind

Want to know what's on the Geek Mind

If you ever want to know what’s on the Geek Mind, check out I4U… I4U News launches a weekly ranking of the Top 10 People and Top 10 Things that have been on the Geek Mind for the past week. According to I4U, among this week’s “top 10 people” on the Geek Mind are Kanye West, Gordon Moore, Robert Downey Jr., Sandra Bullock and although not a person, Daredevil the Netflix critically acclaimed series, which was just confirmed for a 2nd season round the top 5.

“Top 10 things” on the Geek Mind this week include the Apple Watch, Google project Fi, Star Wars new movie, The Force Awakens, which some predict will be the biggest movie opening in history, Chevy’s FNR concept car (an over-the-top concept car that promise terrific driving performance, which will also fully autonomous—that is, self-driving) and the new Japanese Maglev train, a Super Conducting Magnetic levitation train reaches 374mph, setting new speed record for trains. Click HERE for the full list!

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