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The Plane of the Future Has No Windows

The Plane of the Future Has No Windows

The Plane of the Future Has No Windows

The Plane of the Future Has No Windows! For those of us who already feel nervous about flying, and more so for those that suffer from claustrophobia or a fear of heights, The Center for Process Innovation’s (CPI) new windowless airplane concept will terrify you. For techies, this brings you one step closer to flying in the Star Trek Enterprise.

The cabin walls and seat backs become displays. Internal tracking cameras project the outside image onto the screen from the passenger’s point of view in 150dpi color resolution and the panels create a 360 degree traveling experience. Passengers would be able to switch the view on and off according to their preference, identify prominent sights by tapping the screen or even just surf the internet. Passengers in the ‘window seat’ would be able to choose their view or use the full-length screens as an in-flight entertainment system, while those with middle or aisle seats would be able to access the futuristic system on a screen embedded in the head rest in front of them.

The Plane of the Future Has No Windows

Besides the wow factor, CPI says the lighter design is more practical since every 1 percent reduction in weight reduces fuel by 0.75 percent, saving money and reducing CO2 emissions. They state that windows are one of the biggest sources of unnecessary weight on a plane. CPI also states that there would be more cabin room without windows and that “could” result in more leg room for passengers.

For now, though, the technology remains only in the reach of the super-rich, but with the world’s first commercial windowless plane already in the pipeline may be ready in as soon as 10 years.

Check out this video to learn more about the possible future in windowless aircraft. For more travel news, we invite you to visit Atlas Travel Blog.

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