The iOS 13 Update Is Here So What Are You Looking Forward To
iOS 13 Update
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The iOS 13 update is here, so what are you looking forward to experiencing the most in this mixed salad? Now, before we get into specifics, I’m assuming you have one of the following supported devices:

iOS 13 Supported Devices

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus, and…
  • iPhone SE

Now that we’re past that bit of info, we can continue on our quest to listing each of the many features in alphabetical order…

iOS 13 Features

    • Animoji & Memoji Characters: Yes! There are 3 new animoji & memoji characters to look forward to and they are: The Mouse, The Octopus & The Cow… For the memoji characters, we have freckles, eyelashes, piercings, hairstyles & airpods… But the fun doesn’t stop there! iOS 13 also includes animoji & memoji stickers you can either choose and drag onto your messages or tap/pop into your messages before typing.
    • Apple Arcade:&For my fellow (mobile) gamers, we have an app that’ll provide us with over 100 different games designed in different platforms, which we can play for the low price of $4.99/month. Best part is that we will be able to play these games with our PS4 & Xbox One Controllers by simply connecting them via Bluetooth
    • Camera (Portrait Lighting): “High-Key Light Mono” is the new lighting effect in Portrait Mode, which you can find at the very end of Portrait Mode features… This feature will look best if you have a white background behind whoever or whatever you’re taking a picture of. But that’s ok because Portrait Lighting will take care of that for you. In fact, take a picture in Portrait Mode and once you’re done, click edit and once you get to Stage Light, you’ll notice the background turn black and then High-Key Light Mono turns the background totally white! Best of all, you can either heighten or lessen the intensity of each Portrait Mode effect. And let’s not forget about what you can do with video… With the update you can now record what on the rear camera and front camera simultaneously, which is awesome, especially when it comes time to edit your video!
    • Dark Mode: Settings, Display & Brightness & now you can opt for Dark OR go to Control Center Shortcut & toggle OR ask Siri to turn on Dark Mode (BOOM!).
    • Maps: The Map App has not only updated, but rebuilt from the ground up… There’s so much more detail as you zoom into whichever area you’re querying. For instance, as you zoom in, the area you’re seeing will begin morphing building blocks, roads, landmarks like parks & beaches… The app has been revamped and you’re gonna love using it, especially when you’re away on business or on vacation, once all countries & cities have been added. As of this moment, only a few cities throughout the United States are included, but by the end of this year, all states and cities should be included. As for other countries around the world, don’t expect that roll out to begin before 2020. If that weren’t enough, the best feature on this app is the “Look Around”, which is the pair of binoculars on the right side of the map, which once opened looks very similar to Google’s Street View. But what separates Look Around from Street View is how Apple’s version incorporates both the real life picture above the map and lets you move the picture around to which direction you’re facing on that particular street.
    • Messages: With the updated Messages app, we’ll be able to use it as if it were an actual editor with font options like Size, Weight & color, and other options like Italic & Underline.
    • Performance Improvements: With better performance comes faster app launches, but I really can’t tell the difference without some speed launch app tool telling me that 13 is a whole millisecond faster than 12, but please let me know if you can tell the difference.
    • Photos: The Photos App has received a full overhaul in that photos are now categorized by way of Years, Months & days as opposed to being jumbled all together. However, the best feature in this update is the editing portion of it… In addition to there being more effects added to the list, you’ll be able to decrease or increase the intensity of these effects individually to the smallest degree, which is gonna be awesome for the designer/editor in you. And if you’re collaborating with someone else, once you airdrop the image to someone, they’ll be able to see not only the original image, but all the work you put into it (or Edit History Data) as well.
    • Privacy Enhancements: Privacy & Security are already huge with Apple, but when it comes to allowing location access, Apple has taken things to a different level with adding an “Ask Next Time Option” to all apps, so that when app is launched, it forces the app to ask permission to allow location access so you can decide every time whether you want to allow while using app, allow once or not at all.
    • Quick Path Typing:  For previous Android users such as myself, this isn’t new. It was in fact one of my favorite features including the part where I could place my cursor anywhere within a word between two letters… Well, to say that I’m happy it’s come to the iPhone is an understatement! With Android it was called “Swipe” or “Swipe Typing”, which was much more convenient than tapping on each and every letter on virtual keyboard. Trust me, you’re gonna love these two new features!
    • Reminders: Talk about convenience not to mention efficient… With the new & improved reminders, the screen will populate four different tabs entitled TODAY, SCHEDULED, FLAGGED & ALL, and below that you have your Lists. You can tap on each one and see reminders for Today, reminders Scheduled in the future, reminders that are Flagged or All of them. It’s just way more convenient and professional.
    • Sign-In with Apple: It’s not what you think as it is much more for privacy when signing on with apps. With this particular feature, you can sign into apps using your Apple ID and decide what to share like First Name, Last Name and/or Email Address. Once you sign into the app using your Apple ID, the operating system will which information you wish to share. You can even change your first & last name if you don’t want to share your real name.
    • Siri Voice Update: Yes… Siri sounds a bit more natural or human as compared to her predecessors. If you don’t frequently utilize Siri’s services, try to take a listen before updating to iOS 13 then listen to Siri’s voice subsequent to updating.
    • Volume HUD Update: You know that HUGE volume display that pops up every time you lower or raise the volume on your iPhone? No More! Not only will it appear on the upper left side of your screen, you’ll be able to control it with your finger! By simply pressing volume control, you get the much more slimmer display next to said controls on the screen.

There’s no denying that this update is the BIGGEST & most significant update we’ve seen and can’t wait to use it naturally every day!

By now everyone and their cousins have uploaded the new update, so our question is, “which one of the features listed above are you looking forward to testing out the most?”

Leave your answers in the comment box below.

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Burt B is an editor at Geek Swaggah... You'll find him most of the time testing technology, game controllers and playing lots of video games... Right now he's knees deep into iOS 13 & Gears 5!

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