Walking Dead Season 6 Rick and Morgan Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 6 Rick and Morgan Trailer implies that there will be a showdown between Rick and Morgan in Alexandria. As you may recall from the TWD Pilot, Rick awoke from his Coma subsequent to the fallout, which he experienced in one of the halls of the hospital he was recuperating in.

Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer - Rick or Morgan?
His first meeting with Morgan was on the pilot, which makes Morgan his oldest friend post zombie apocalypse. The last we saw of Rick and his band of survivors was him stuffing his point of Alexandria being vulnerable down Deanna Monroe’s throat just before Pete Anderson slit Deanna’s husband throat with a sword.

Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer - Rick or Morgan?

During their time in Alexandria, Darryl and Aaron are away looking for supplies when they run into Morgan who later witnesses what Rick has become. Despite Morgan’s losses and surviving alone, he is still the same man. Rick on the other hand has indeed changed. In Rick’s defense though, no matter how accompanied he was as opposed to Morgan, Morgan did not experience Terminus or the Governor. Will Morgan be an asset to Team Rick, or will he be a danger to them all?

There is no mistaking that things were once again beginning to heat up at the end of season 5 and if Robert Kirkman and the producers of AMC’s The Walking Dead have anything to say about it, we can expect the heat to keep rising throughout season 6, which begins October 11th.



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