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Robert Kirkmans Fear the Walking Dead

Robert Kirkmans Fear the Walking Dead

I’m sure you all recall the 15 second first look of Robert Kirkmans “Fear the Walking Dead” following this season’s The Walking Dead finale on AMC? Well, what you may not know is that AMC picked up two whole seasons of The Walking Dead spinoff, which takes place in Los Angeles during the first few days of the outbreak!

In a recent conference, Robert Kirkman informed or assured fans that the spinoff would have “monstrous violence” involved… If you recall on the first episode of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes was in a coma for an unspecified amount of time (we’re guessing one or two months). When he awoke at the abandoned hospital all hell had already broken loose; neighborhoods were ghost towns and the walking dead were already decomposing. If our understanding is up to par with what Kirkman said, then we’re basically going to experience that blacked out time between Rick getting shot and waking up, only it’ll be in a city much much bigger than the town he was in. Los Angeles alone has a population of almost 4 million people, which means a shitload of hell is gonna break loose and we’ll be front and center when it happens!

Something else to keep in mind is that the spinoff is totally new… That’s right! The concept, The characters not to mention location are totally new to Kirkman who created the original comic when he was 23! It wasn’t until Kirkman was 34 that the network approached him about the possibility of a spinoff of some sort. Unlike Team Grimes who are located on the opposite coast and who are part of the original comic, this story begins at the time of the actual outbreak, which is brand new territory for Kirkman. Anything and everything he writes is specifically for this show only, which is incredibly exciting!

Robert Kirkmans Fear the Walking Dead

What’s interesting about “Fear of the Walking Dead” is that life as Californians will soon know it will be seen mostly through the eyes of two families recently joined as one. We have the Cabreras and the Tompkins who have just recently joined in the form of marriage. Each parent had kids from previous marriages, which makes matters even more difficult for both families, but more exciting for those of us watching. Something else to consider is the condition of the zombies… As I mentioned above, we never got to experience the actual hell that broke loose in Georgia on The Walking Dead when Grimes first awoke from his coma. This means that those that have been recently zombified will not have those loose or missing limbs, which means they’ll be faster.

Robert Kirkmans Fear the Walking Dead

I don’t believe they’ll be as fast as the zombies in World War Z, but the majority won’t be limping as much. Furthermore, if you recall on the first episode of The Walking Dead when Grimes first met Morgan, we met Morgan’s zombified wife, “Jenny”. Who remembers any other zombie other than zombified Jenny who walked up to Morgan’s door? That’s right, the LA Zombies will be freshly zombified with fresh memories. Not know what the hell is going on, families are just going to allow these things to walk right back into their lives and serve as buffets to these flesh eating fiends. Oh yeah, I think we now know what what Robert Kirkman meant when he said “Monstrous Violence”.

Look for Robert Kirkmans Fear the Walking Dead on AMC this summer!


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