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Dark Heights

It was just after 11pm my time when I found myself sifting through Twitter for ideas, when an untouched gem fell on my lap in the form of a follow: DARK HEIGHTS. Has anyone heard of this? I certainly haven’t! I began sniffing through Google, Facebook, YouTube, and anywhere else I could find ANY information on DARK HEIGHTS, and the more stones I turned over, the more I needed to know about it.  Was DARK HEIGHTS a new Comic? Who’s publishing it? Who’s writing it? Who’s penciling it? This was about the time I took to finding a contact whether it be a phone number or email. I finally decided to simply send a direct message via Twitter; using my Note 4, I clicked and began to type… The following morning I found a gloriously long description of WHAT. SEEMED. TO. BE. A… TELEVISION SERIES! WHOA!!! Twitter’s Direct Messaging  was at that moment THE CONDUIT between me and DARK HEIGHTS! I needed to know everything… I needed to get the story out there as quickly as possible: Who am I corresponding with?? When can we anticipate release or premier of DARK HEIGHTS?? Will it be released independently on the web or can we find it on Syfy?? Questions were no longer asked by me, but by pure raw purpose… What? When? Where? More, More, MORE about DARK HEIGHTS!!!

Well, I finally had the pleasure of meeting who I was corresponding with, and his name is Brian Day, one of the writers who will also be acting on the upcoming television series about Trans-mutant Superheroes. The protagonists in DARK HEIGHTS are humans who seem to have been afflicted with an epidemic that is gripping society at large by the throat! Combine this epidemic with a post-apocalyptic environment, heavy politics, government control, chaos, and most possibly a conspiracy to hide the truth, and we have ourselves DARK HEIGHTS… Something to look forward to on television.



So Brian… What is the show really about?

Brian Day:

Dark Heights is a futuristic Dystopian style super hero series, where the government has gained far too much control, most of society is living in poverty, and our heroes are more likely to kill you than to talk to you.

The lines of right and wrong are drawn in stone, drawn by the Unknowns, an elite group of super heroes who are the spearhead of a new epidemic gripping society, transmutants, humans who’s DNA has taken the next step in evolution.

Subjects like Freedom, Liberty, and Ethic’s are covered, but most importantly in this story being told is the desire to rid this planet of the powers that be, and the immense oppression presented by them.

The characters are smart, witty, and capable, and the world is vicious. Don’t get caught on the wrong side, or the Unknowns will find you.


Can you give us some background on the Unknowns you mentioned?

Brian Day:

As for character breakdowns, we can give you a brief description. We only have a few different concept photos of characters, and one of them, although is on the site, is a bit of a secret.

Lone Wolf








Loan Wolf is an ex-marine who later became an LAPD Officer. He made detective and was partnered up with a long time friend James Harris. Lonewolf’s abilities: Healing factor, coupled with great physical strength, as well as a weapon’s specialist.









Selene is an Ex-CIA and Mentor to Luna. Abilities: Mind-control, almost same as Luna, but Selene doesn’t have to touch her victims, also capable of telepathy. Fighting Style: Martial Arts. Weapons specialist.

Roman Vargas

Roman Vargas is the biggest drug kingpin in town. Works along with Statesman Brinks who takes a percentage of all of his profits. Abilities: Unknown.
That’s it for sneak peaks at characters with images to attach to. The rest will have to remain a mystery until the show is revealed, but here are some more of the characters.
Raven Evans:
A high level Wiccan who has spent his life as a traveler. He is hated by Wiccan’s of black magic. Practices a unique kind of Wiccan magic known as “grey” magic, which combines both white and black magic.
Abilities: Accurate usage of Magic. Can glide distances, leap and levitate. Can create kinetic energy from his hands. Fighting style; brawler/boxer. Uses two 45 handguns that he wears on the back of his waistband.
Alex “Waves” Davis:
An ex-NSA agent of the former U.S. Government. His power is unique and the most complex of the group.
Abilities: Can create a different dimension that consists of a cyber world to where he has complete control over, and can easily defeat his opponents, but this is only possible while around electronics/electricity. Weapon specialist. Fighting style; martial arts.
McCoy “Tyrant” Hansbrough:
A former famed musician (metal bassist). Tyrant is a bit of a hell raiser. He grew up on the streets and in different group homes. Plays by his own rules.
Abilities: His powers consist of being able to use others likeness and powers for a limited time which makes him very beneficial to the team. Fighting style; brawler/mma.
Senka Nguyen:
A foster home runaway. Her parents were killed in the “Great American War”.
Abilities: Incredible speed, accuracy, and agility. She is a weapon specialist. Fighting style; martial arts.
Nate Nguyen:
The older brother to Senka; also the leader of the Dark Heights Rebels. Led a group of citizens in the fight against the NAU, and was responsible for saving many lives in the process. He was reunited with his sister and took her under his wing. Number one on the most wanted list for the LA division of the NAU.
Luna Vasquez:
Worked as a painter and dancer. Creative type.
Abilities: Her powers consist of teleporting and mental persuasion by touching her victims. She also carries the gift of premonition. Fighting style; Martial Arts. Weapons Specialist.
A member of the “DH Rebels”. He joined recently after escaping from Arizona back to California. A “rocker” type. His style is unpredictable, but always loyal to the rebels. He comes off as your average rocker stoner, but there is more to him. He returned to town after getting the news that his brother went missing.
Abilities: Can shoot electricity out of his hands. Indoors his powers are restricted to a minimum, but when outdoors, he an accumulate great bolts of lightning, frying his opponents.
So when can we anticipate the Pilot or Television Spot?
Brian Day:
We will be moving forward with an Indiegogo campaign to help launch what we’ve aptly named a Teaser Short. Comprised of some of our most illustrious scenes in the pilot in order to take it to studios with the intent to find distribution and funding.
Thank you, Brian for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. I speak for everyone when I say, “we will certainly be keeping our eyes out for DARK HEIGHTS in the months to come and wish everyone involved in the series the very best”.
Burt B


Burt B is an editor at Geek Swaggah... You'll find him most of the time testing technology, game controllers and playing lots of video games... Right now he's knees deep into iOS 13 & Gears 5!

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