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Daredevil Netflix Premier

Daredevil Netflix Premier


Spending the entire weekend watching all of Daredevil beginning with the Daredevil Netflix Premier was an amazing experience! Unlike all the other superheroes in Marvel’s Universe, Daredevil’s episodes ring a lot like that of Frank Miller’s 1986 opus, “Dark Knight Returns”. Unlike any of the previous versions of batman prior to Frank Miller sinking his teeth into it, Batman was just another hero on DC’s punch list. Miller came in and tore the roof off of comics altogether to bring us realism. Realism is what I call what I saw throughout the series. Bloody knuckles, bruised face, cuts, stabs, and stitches. Daredevil doesn’t wear spandex, wear a cape, or summons lightning from a hammer, but Geoff Loabe made sure to add the “incident” in New York to the series, which solidified the fact that the universe is intact, but certainly worlds apart.

Wilson Fisk AKA KIngpin AKA Vincent D’Onofrio was FANTASTIC playing the part of Kingpin. Even though Kingpin was indeed the villain in the story, you couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him and his upbringing. I remeber D’Onofrio playing the part of serial killer Carl Stargher opposite Jennifer Lopez in The Cell. talk about nuts! There’s also detective robert Ghoren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. to incredibly weird but convincing performances, which I believe make up the persona of Wilson Fisk. The entire cast of the series could not have been plucked any better than it was, but it was D’Onofrio’s performance of The Kingpin that took the gold in the series. Seriously Vincent, congratulations on a job well done (raising my glass to you)! One teeny tiny difference between the series and comic strip was Vanessa’s character, played by israeli actress Ayelet Zurer who also played another comic book character, but for the other team – Lara Lor-Van, mother of Kal-El in 2013’s Man of Steel. Her character in the comics unlike that in the series did not like the life Wilson Fisk lived. In fact, Lara gave Wilson (aka Kingpin) an altamatum to either choose her of Spiderman’s life. in the series, Vanessa was ruthless and clearly supporting Kingpin’s life and vision.

Netflix could not have been a better fit for the series… It allowed everyone involved to take the entire series for the ride of it’s life. Gritty, dark, and violent; everything Daredevil is supposed to be was spectacularly transferred from the strip to the reel. The 2003 film could’ve been so much more had they pushed the envelope, but things are what they are in the end, and there’s no use crying over milk that spilled over a decade ago.

There’s been lots of talk on the hypothetical question of whether or not Captain America would approve of Daredevil’s tactics… In the end, we give Cap major cool points for being the perfect soldier, but in the end this is Hell’s Kitchen and Daredevil’s back yard, and he’s doing one hell of a job taking out the garbage.

If you have yet to catch an episode of daredevil and have access to Netflix, bring the chips, a BIG Gulp, and an appetite to binge because it won’t be just one episode… It’ll be all of them.


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