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Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer

Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer Finally Here


Like the title reads, Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer is Finally Here! My first floater question while watching the video was, “Who was injecting Lydia?” A lot of people are right now racking their brains about “The Doctors” “Who They Are?” and “What They Want?”Do you recall Eichen House and all their notable patients beginning with Corporal Rhys from season 3’s “Fox & The Wolf”? As you recall in season 3, the Eichen House is an asylum; however, what we were all surprised to learn was that in addition to being an asylum, Eichen House has a secret level filled with Supernatural Creatures. I think it’s safe to say that “The Doctors” are from that secret level, and what do Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Kira have in common? Yeah…

There have also been a lot of concerns on whether or not Season 5 will be another Season 3b… I believe that in order to move forward we must sometimes take a step back. This step is basically about learning the Ins & Outs about Eichen House, the Supernatural Level, its Inhabitants, and what the heck these “Doctors” have been doing to them & why!

Season 5 will also (HOPEFULLY) be filling the gap on Parrish. Last season we were left with the question floating over our heads like a comic book page, but with our mouths open. He was burned alive, then survived, then his eyes were orangey red… There’s also Malia’s mom, which in addition to being a coyote herself (explains a lot about Malia), she’s also an assassin code named, “Desert Wolf” who has been hunted down by Braeden since before she became a mercenary?

Finally we have Dr. Valack who in addition to being locked up with Peter in Eichen House last season, has a third eye… What will become of them both in a small room inside a supernatural level located within the walls of an asylum.

Interesting stuff!

Get set for Teen Wolf Season 5 premiering June 29th at 10pm (EST) on MTV!


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