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SuperGirl on CBS This Fall

SuperGirl on CBS This FallIn the new drama from the world of DC Comics, Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, embraces her superhuman abilities and becomes the hero she was always meant to be. This Fall on CBS.

Man of the comments online are not positive.  Viewers seem concerned about the apparent tone of Supergirl. I think we’ll have to wait and see how the series develops. I think there’s potential here, but currently it does have a bit of a Saturday-morning-tv feel…there’s lots of sub-desirable screenwriting to be seen. Many also compare it to other successful show such as Arrow and Daredevil.  “Came in expecting a gritty drama, came out with major disappointment. C’mon DC, get it right! Look at Daredevil!”

Another issue – it’s supposed to air at the same time as Gotham – not a smart move in this time slot.

Check out this preview video and tell us what you think.

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