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Leaked Batman v Superman Trailer

Leaked Batman v Superman Trailer

B v S

Who buys the leaked Batman v Superman trailer that was posted last night online? I’m not saying it’s fake, I’m sure that in the movie Supermen is placing a very heavy pewter-esque object down in order to save mankind… What I am putting out there is that this may be a trailer that may have been passed on. Check out the time frame on the bottom right – it reads 2:18. The trailer, which is scheduled for April 20th (this coming Monday) is said to be 15 minutes. What? Zach Snyder’s introduction is 12 minutes and 42 seconds long? No… I believe this to be a first draft attempt that Snyder shot down months ago.

Keep in mind that the trailer that is set to be released is 15 minutes in length, and if this was indeed a leak on that very trailer (firstly, I’d be hugely disappointed, but) I presume Zack Syder’s camp would be all over it.


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