Joss Whedon’s Last Avenger


Joss Whedon’s last Avenger was incredible, but you would be surprised to hear that Joss Whedon does not feel the same way… In an interview with Business Insider, Joss let us all in on a little secret… With a massive $1.5 Billion worldwide gross, you would think any writer/director would be flying high on that sort of success, but not Mr. Whedon as genius does not come without a price. In Joss Whedon’s own words (Verbatim): When he watches Avengers, he sees flaw after flaw after flaw, compromises, laziness, & mistakes. But I believe that’s passion speaking; passion about something you feel is greater than yourself, something that should remain true, but can’t because Hollywood has to get their dirty little hands on it.

Most people (not excluding myself) from the early days remember Joss Whedon from his days of writing, producing, & directing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, & Firefly. I have DVD Sets of all these shows in my personal vault, but I digress. The man is a genius in everything he does, which is still reflected today in Marvel’s Avengers. One thing I didn’t know, which shouldn’t surprise me is that before signing onto Marvel’s deal with The Avengers, he locked in Ultron as his second villain in the followup! Ultron, which is a peacekeeping robot created by Tony Stark (in addition to several other sentinels or drones) for the sole purpose of protecting Earth from further attacks, goes cuckoo for coco puffs wanting to destroy him (Stark) and every human on the planet.  8-foot titanium frame, genius intellect, superhuman strength, drone control, computer corruption, concussion blasters, and ability to fly, I MEAN WHAT THE FRACK COULD GO WRONG, RIGHT??? Find out May 01st!

And now that The Avengers: Age of Ultron is hitting theaters in less than two weeks (got my tickets, btw), his contract is over, leaving him unemployed, but don’t feel too bad for this genius… Mr. Whedon will be pocketing $2 Billion off his deal, which would make him an instant BILLIONAIRE!

When asked why he wouldn’t stay on for Infinity War I & II, his answer made lots of sense… Exhaustion! The whole reason for making a second Avengers is to beat out the first one, and that took a BIG chunk out of his life. He’s ready to pack it all in and spend time with wife and kids. But he’s assured all of us that he is available on a consultant capacity should Marvel or Russo Bros need him for Infinity War I & II.

As one of your biggest fans, I for one wish you the VERY BEST at whatever you decide to do in a directorial capacity, and will be only too happy to watch it!



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