Joss Whedon AVENGERS


Joss Whedon AVENGERS

I have been known to skip from one topic to the next like a kid that’s high as a kite on sugar, especially when it’s with something I enjoyed the heck out of (like sugar), and Joss Whedon Avengers: Age of Ultron takes the cake for sure… From the get-go, there was an explosion of action with the Avengers fighting to infiltrate Baron von Strucker’s castle in Bavaria! The team are at their best smashing, hammering, shooting their way into Hydra’s base that’s being protected by a force field Stark eventually takes out, but not before the slow motion action pose they all simultaneously pull off (you know which one I’m talkin about!)… Before I get too ahead of myself though, and I hope Joss Whedon is reading – I and everyone else here salute you! You are the undisputed mamma jamma of comic book-inspired movie making. What you pulled off here is nothing less than a spectacular feat!

Joss Whedon AVENGERS

Joss Whedon Avengers – Dreams

The way Scarlett Witch got into everyone’s head beginning with Stark was what I believed to be THE masterful move Joss made in this film. It got us to dive deep into their psyche to see their fears, but more importantly a glimpse of what’s to come. For example, it caused the ego-driven Stark to see a world on the brink of annihilation with his Avengers laying to waste on a heap of death. Even though Steve Rogers layed there still with enough life in him to say what had to be said, the message was clear to everyone but Stark who fell right into Scarlett’s snare. Stark’s actions definitely proved that the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. In order to save the world, he put together the very weapon that would destroy it (even though it was really Hank Pym who did in the comics, but hey…). Thor’s dream was more into the future (Ragnarok) where we get to understand what the scepter is really made out of and how all the other stones connect.

Joss Whedon AVENGERS

Joss Whedon Avengers – Ultron

There could not have been a better actor to portray Ultron than James Spader, let’s just get that out of the way RIGHT NOW! I say portray rather than voice, as it’s like watching Spader walk around (dressed in metal) with the sarcasm he normally wore with his suits playing Alan Shore in Boston Legal. I can’t say that his plan was as evil as much as it was damaged! Sure, he was totally unsympathetic towards the human race, whom for all intents and purposes are ruining the planet with war, pollution, and violence. To him, humans were like a legion of termites… Even VISION (played by Paul Bettany) agreed with Ultron in the end, but unlike Ultron, Vision sees the beauty in the not so everlasting, which I believe meant, “like humans, some things are not meant to last forever, which is fleeting therefore beautiful. That said, Vision finishes Ultron.

Joss Whedon AVENGERS

Joss Whedon Avengers – Vision

Let’s talk a little about VISION, who was literally born full grown without (what seemed to be) any preconceptions or moral compass… We can’t say Vision is 100% human as his organs were created of synthetic material. The jewel on his forehead is just one of the many Easter Eggs in the movie! It is the yellow “Mind” Infinity Stone, one of six that fits cozy on Thano’s Infinity Gauntlet, which is another Easter Egg we saw mid-credits.

Joss Whedon AVENGERS

In addition to all the glorious action, the movie also had a healthy dose of laughter & drama! For instance, the moment “Goodie 2 Shoes” Captain America asked Stark to watch his language after yelling SHIT over the comms, everyone took a shot at Rogers, even Fury in the Helli-Carrier when Rogers called him a Son of a Bitch and Fury responded with, “You kiss your mother with that mouth?” You also witnessed a lighter side with Thor all dressed in civilian clothes poring thousand year old shots into drinks, which sent Stan Lee’s “Cameo” character mumbling his signature phrase, “EXCELSIOR!” as he was carried out, but I digress… Drama definitely ensued with finding out that Hawkeye had a family living in the middle of nowhere, not to mention watching feelings grow between Banner and Black Widow, excuse me, Natasha. It wasn’t difficult at all to enjoy every part of the movie.

Joss Whedon AVENGERS

Marvel’s BIG Picture

Whedon’s choice in villain was well made when it came to Ultron… Unlike any other villain yet seen in the MCU, Ultron is a product belonging to one of the 6 Infinity Stones. This brings us all back to Thanos, the Mad Titan! Throughout all of the Marvel movies played in the last seven years, they’ve all been building into a much larger arc story…



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