GEEK SWAGGAH means Geek Swag or more specifically, the way a person (in this case, A Geek) carries themselves! We provide our readers with current events happening within the realms of Gaming, Comic Books, and Technology...

As a culture, gaming is growing at the speed of light with tournaments that are becoming widespread online to the point where colleges and universities alike are competing like Bowl Games. In fact, ESPN 3 recently hosted a Heroes of the Dorm competition, which they aired play by play. Other tournaments like that of Super Smash Bros go as far back as 2002, and today these tournaments are held all over the world!

E-Sports is the vernacular used to describe organized multi-player videogame competitions. Streaming platforms such as Twitch.TV is at the center of E-Sport Competitions that are associated with Real-Time Strategy, Fighting, First Person Shooter (FPS), and Multi-Player Online Battle Arena. In 2014, ESPN broadcasted The International 4 Pre-Show. It was the first time in the history of not only gaming but of ESPN that an E-Sport Championship Game was shown on a mainstream Cable channel. Needless to say, what used to be at the very most a group of friends meeting in one place to play video games with computers set in ad-hoc mode is now a worldwide phenomenon with announcers! Change is afoot, and ESPN has already signed up for front seat broadcasting.

Another form of media that has taken the regular world by storm are comic books! The influence comic books have had on the movie industry has been massive! Avengers Sequel (Avengers: Age of Ultron), which has yet to premier in the United States has hauled over $200 Million in Box Office Sales Overseas! Comic Book Superheroes are everywhere in American Society and around the world! Other than the Music Industry, comic book superheroes have infiltrated every major form of entertainment: Television, Movies, Fashion, Videogames, making it what it is today, a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Geek Swag is everywhere... Whether it's on the big screen, network television, ESPN, video games, fashion, we're everywhere!

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