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Zig Zag Zoom, Next Generation Tower Building Game

toweroceanZig Zag Zoom (a/k/a Z3’s) mission is to be a world-leading network for mobile games that Entertains, Connects, and Empowers millions of daily users to support the causes they care about, simply by playing fun mobile games. The company was founded by a former Disney Exec and is partnered with iDreamSky, China’s largest independent mobile gaming platform.

Towering Oceans, is a 3D building game where players create eco-friendly towers on moving ships.  As the ships sail around the world, you can build, upgrade and customize your vessels.  Zig Zag The sim game has 3D graphics, character collection, detailed customization, horizontal navigation, fun quests, and robust social features.  “As the Tower Captain, you will need to manage your residents, keep them fed, clothed, and happy, and match their skills with their dream jobs. Recruit special Hero residents to help keep things shipshape! Perfect your ship, and sail far enough to visit new oceans. Cast a wide net in the search for your lost loved one, and possibly an undiscovered island.” Go green by upgrading your engine to run on sustainable power.

Aligned with Zig Zag Zoom’s mission to Have Fun and Do Good, the game’s premise highlights rising sea levels produced by climate change. For assistance with climate change and clean energy themes in the game, Zig Zag Zoom consulted with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), one of the world’s largest environmental organizations.

Towering Oceans Game Features

This is the only tower, resource management simulation game where you can build a skyscraper in the seven seas!

Salvage materials, save your friends, and build new homes in your tower.
Become an entrepreneur, and start a collection of floating businesses.
Discover desert islands and build a whole new civilization with the friends you saved! Soon, you’ll be managing the whole population.

Upgrade your ship to go further and faster across the seven seas.
Visit your friends’ ships to compare towers and share building tips!

Talk to Dr. Jones to receive new adventures and quests across the seven seas.
Team up with construction robot “Mr. Snark,” your own personal ARK-itect.
Work with the mysterious Kitty-Gal to boost your ship’s output.

AppIcon_TreeStoryAnother recent game release by is Tree Story – the game that plants REAL trees.  Tree Story is a mobile game where you feed and care for your virtual pet trees. When your trees are all grown up, our expert tree-planting partners will help send them to the real world!  Tree Story is proud to be working with exceptional, expert organizations to help us plant trees, including ACTrees, Arbor Day Foundation, Project Learning Tree, and the United States Forest Service.

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