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GTA 5 Sells 1 Million With Steam In One Day!

GTA 5 sells 1 million with Steam in one day… In the music industry, when an artist sells upwards of a million albums, the industry refers to it as platinum status. Does the same go for the gaming industry? If not, it should! Steam, the digital distributor of video games, confirmed sales of GTA5 at 1,074,894 – In. One. Day. This information was provided by @Steam_Spy via Twitter yesterday morning:


This number excludes sales from any other online digital video game distributor. Furthermore, before the end of the day, @Steam_Spy shared some more information regarding the number of people from other countries that have purchased GTA5 through Steam, and China came in at number 2 on that list:


This brings up a completely separate question, “is downloading better than buying the disc?” I personally have a list of favorite games I have no problems with downloading, as I continue playing this till this very day. I also own discs, which I play and trade. Some gamers prefer DLCs over discs as they start up faster than discs, while there are others that don’t want to give up the option of trading their games at their local GameStop or Best Buy.

I remember reading an article in 2011 that discussed this very thing and the results of a report was very surprising even reading it today… Keep in mind that in 2010, consoles did not have the capabilities of downloading games, but even so, consumers still purchased and downloaded over 11 million PC Game Titles from distributors such as STEAM & DIRECT2DRIVE as compared to leaving the comfort of their own home to purchase just over 8 million console titles.

How did you purchase GTA 5? DLC or Disc?


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