Will Joker’s BIGGEST Secret Be Revealed

Will Batman (HELL WITH BATMAN!), Will Joker’s BIGGEST Secret Be Revealed? Will Batman (Now a God) share Joker’s real name with us mere mortals? It’s a great – not to mention Super Duper question to ask as this would literally be the first time Batman asked for his own personal interest.

Will Joker's BIGGEST Secret Be Revealed


┬áLet’s backup a bit to how he learned of this phenomenon… In addition to all hell breaking completely loose on Earth, the entire league or what’s left of it are suddenly brought or teleported to a secret invisible lair by Metron. Metron, who is one of the “New Gods”, is actually the God of Knowledge, by way of The (All-Knowing) Morbius Chair is schlepped out off his perch by Wonder Woman. The chair, which has to be taken over by a suitable host, is about to disappear when Batman gets all over it like mayonnaise on a bologna sandwich! Then the unthinkable happens (well, unthinkable to Metron anyway), Batman becomes the new God of Knowledge. However, in between straddling The Morbius Chair and becoming a God, Batman asks the chair questions beginning with (no-brainer) “Who killed his parents”, in which the chair replies “Joe Chill” and ending with the EPIC BOMB “What’s the Joker’s True Name?” Which Batman reacts with a resounding, “NO! That’s Impossible”. This leads us to think, nay BELIEVE that Batman knew the person Joker was before the detour he took by breaking into the chemical company and falling into the bin of chemical that turned him into the sadistic villain that he is, but can you believe BY.. ANOTHER.. NAME???


Will Joker's BIGGEST Secret Be Revealed

In addition to all that is going on with Batman becoming an omnipotent being, there is quite a bit we’re learning in the war between Myrina Black and Darkseid… Myrina, who was once chosen by the amazons to be the next “Golden Child” of assassins is now Darkseid’s ex, and by Ex, I mean the mother of their child, “Grail”.

Will Joker's BIGGEST Secret Be Revealed

Needless to say, the issue is not to be missed! Make sure to pick up your very own copy of Justice League #42 at your friendly neighborhood comic book shop, and if you can’t find one, make sure to CLICK HERE. And if there isn’t a comic book shop near you, purchase your digital copy at COMIXOLOGY! If there’s a how there’s a way, or something rather, lol.



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