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Free Daily Comics with new Farrago App

Free Daily Comics with new Farrago AppComic book fans everywhere will gain free access to top quality digital comic books everyday through the ground-breaking Farrago Comics App. This free publishing platform delivers comics and graphic novels from top creators and publishers.

Fan favorites are included from Chris Roberson, Ashley Wood, Ben Templesmith, Steve Niles & Jonathan Maberry.

IDW popular comics now available on Farrago:

30 Days of Night #1
Mystery Society #1
Winterworld #1
Zombies vs Robots #0
On Farrago: January 21, 2014
Groom Lake #1
The Last Fall #1
V-Wars #1
On Farrago: January 28, 2014
Night of 1,000 Wolves #1
Pantheon #1
Memorial #1

Free Daily Comics with new Farrago App is available for both I-Pad and Anroid devices.

DOWNLOAD the App at:


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