Crushing It On MORTAL KOMBAT X COMIC Is What DC’s Shawn Kittlesen & Dexter Soy Are Doing
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Crushing It On MORTAL KOMBAT X COMIC Book Line is what DC’s Shawn Kittelsen & Dexter Soy Are Doing! The Mortal Kombat X Comic, which is a weekly series of stories describing the events that have taken place between Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) and just before Mortal Kombat X. Shawn Kittelsen and Dexter Soy have done an incredible job with bringing the comic book to life – Major Swaggah Points on Writing, Storyline, and the art is absolutely SICK!

If you’ve played the story mode in Mortal Kombat X, you know that in addition to seeing original characters (A bit more mature, mind you), they’re kids who are now all grown up are there as well. The comics take you to when their kids were actual kids. Chapter One begins with a younger Kenshi and Takeda who are running from Red Dragon; Hanzo (formerly Scorpion) comes to their rescue, but not before harpooning Hsu Hao with the Kunai  and shoving his fist through the Red Dragon Commander’s head to make a point with the others who quickly ran for their lives! Needless to say, the comics are graphic, but the intention Soy paints the storyline with is crazy sharp and to the point.

There are currently fifteen (15) chapters available at $.99 each or you can purchase issues, which contain three (3) chapters each for $3.99 an issue. If you enjoy downloading your comics, Comixology has the entire (up to date) collection!

Here’s a Chapter by Chapter Synopsis, which is provided by Mortal Kombat Wiki:

Chapter One: Years ago, a great war between realms brought the universe to the brink of destruction. In their most desperate hour, Earthrealm’s champions rallied in strength and spirit-saving their world from the forces of evil. In the years that followed, there existed a peace between realms for the first time since the Mortal Kombat tournaments began. But peace did not last for long…

Chapter Two: As Takeda continues to train and study the ways of the Shirai Ryu, Raiden pays Scorpion a visit… and a dangerous new threat emerges.

Chapter Three: After horrifically disfiguring himself and massacring the rest of the Shirai Ryu, Fox, possessed by an unknown force, implores Takeda to finish Scorpion… or suffer the same fate as the rest of his clan!

Chapter Four: As the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage thinks she’s seen it all. But when she finds herself in an illegal MMA deathmatch, Cassie must decide if she’s ready for her first taste of Mortal Kombat!

Chapter Five: Cassie Cage must take down a surprise (and deadly) opponent–Frost! Meanwhile, Sonya’s “discussions” with Kotal Kahn take an unexpected turn…

Chapter Six: Witness the stunning rise of Outworld’s newest emperor in KOTAL KAHN: SEKRET ORIGIN!

Chapter Seven: As the Outworld civil war reaches its breaking point, Emperor Kotal Kahn sends his most trusted warriors to take down the would-be Empress Mileena. But what happens when a surprise kombatant joins the fight? Enter GORO, the Shokan prince!

Chapter Eight: In an act of desperation, Kotal Kahn resorts to dangerous blood magic to take down the insurgents. But will it be enough to finish Outworld’s champion?

Chapter Nine: Sonya’s back–and she wants her daughter! Meanwhile, Kano recounts his last encounter with Sub-Zero.

Chapter Ten: It’s Scorpion vs. Raiden! Plus, learn the tragic backstory of one of the most deadly men on the planet in SCORPION: SEKRET ORIGIN!

Chapter Eleven: Scorpion and Raiden must work together to save Takeda from the Neatherrealm’s grip. Plus: What happenned to Sub-Zero? And what’s REALLY going on with the Kamidogu daggers? All will be revealed!

Chapter Twelve: In pursuit of their daughter’s kidnappers, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade make a shocking discovery!

Chapter Thirteen: Scorpion and Takeda track down the missing Kamidogu dagger and the man who stole it–Sub-Zero!

Chapter Fourteen: Scorpion squares off against Sub-Zero in the epic fight you’ve been waiting for! Meanwhile, the Shokan army makes their move on Kotal Kahn!

Chapter Fifteen: Scorpion and Sub-Zero’s clash reaches its epic conclusion! Who will be victorious?? Meanwhile, D’Vorah attempts to parley with the Shokan.

Chapter Sixteen: Assassin. Cyborg. Agent of Quan Chi. Witness Kuai Liang’s epic journey in SEKRET ORIGIN: SUB-ZERO!

Chapter Seventeen: As the Shokan/Oni uprising rocks Outworld, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage ally with Kotal Kahn in a bloody battle for the ages!

Be sure to get your copies today, and if you have yet to experience the game itself, get started with the comics – TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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