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Deja Thoris of John Carter
Deja Thoris of John Carter

Share the post “Deja Thoris of John Carter” FacebookTwitterPinterest Deja Thoris of John Carter didn’t only appear in the Disney…

The Psychology of Comic Book Characters
psychology of comic book characters

Share the post “The Psychology of Comic Book Characters” FacebookTwitterPinterest Having always had an interest in philosophy, psychology, and a…

Will Joker’s BIGGEST Secret Be Revealed

Share the post “Will Joker’s BIGGEST Secret Be Revealed” FacebookTwitterPinterest Will Batman (HELL WITH BATMAN!), Will Joker’s BIGGEST Secret Be…

Comic Con Like Never Before
Why Isn't Comic Con Being Televised Anymore

Share the post “Comic Con Like Never Before” FacebookTwitterPinterest Why isn’t Comic Con Being Televised Anymore? This is a question…

Free Daily Comics with new Farrago App

Share the post “Free Daily Comics with new Farrago App” FacebookTwitterPinterest Comic book fans everywhere will gain free access to…

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