Geek Swaggah

You’d be surprised on how many people we meet who have maybe picked one or two comic books in their, but yet they’ve seen every comic book-inspired movie ever released… Most comic book conventions are made up of many who are there to experience what these conventions are about by way of witnessing the amazing Cos-Players who arrive dawning their favorite characters and posing with tremendous gusto with fans who just want to be a part it all.

We wish to only invite and guide those same spectators to one day come and really be a part of it all by way of truly getting to know these characters up close and personal.

In the meantime, we’re Geek Swaggah! It Is Our Way of Describing What We As Geeks Know & What We’re Good At, Whether It’s Gaming, Comic Books, Technology, Music, Etc… We’re Geeks With Swaggah & We Strut Our Stuff!

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